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PORPHYRY Kern® is a simple and unique natural stone; Italian porphyry exclusively produced by Consorzio Cavatori Produttori Porfido directly from Trentino quarries.


PORPHYRY Kern® from Trentino is widely recognised as being the most beautiful natural stone. Porphyry cubes are used in urban design to enhance the aesthetic appearance and reinvigorate historical city centres, town squares, suburbs and villages Thanks to its versatility and wide range of shades of colours, PORPHYRY Kern® is used in many villa, park and garden applications, meeting any client requirement.


The material’s high quality and weather-resistance are the distinguishing characteristics of Trentino porphyry - the manifestation of an ever enduring, unique value.


porphyry natural stone

Porphyry natural stone is ideal for paving gardens, courtyards and squares. The natural stone is produced in various dimensions according to the location in which it is to be laid.

porphyry paving

Porphyry flags are widely used for porphyry paving due to their functionality, mechanical and weather-resistance, and historical effect. In addition, they provide the ideal solution for any urban context, whether historical or modern.

porphyry hard landscaping

Many hard landscaping designs envisage the use of porphyry: large spaces, from historical city centres to town and village squares; historical and modern urban designs; commercial and residential areas.

porphyry laying

Porphyry laying requires a detailed design and accurate analysis of the terrain. It is thus recommended to employ skilled layers and sector professionals who can provide expertise at every design phase.

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